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Lynn Humphrey
I am from Mnmouth County Born in Red Bank Raised in Long Branch, Currently living in Eatontown I am seeking to better my website and to attract sponsors and support
A sister, friend, aunt, mother, grandmother, great aunt, active volunteer,
road to recovery driver for the American Cancer Society for 3 years, HIV+
& AIDS activist, Researcher, Archivist Librarian of T. Thomas Fortune Cultural Center,
Volunteer Member at NJ Social Justice Remembrance Coalition, Member
and Former Volunteer Coordinator of NJ Friends of Clearwater and
Former Reporter & Photographer of Park City Times News Online
Mauricio Velasquez
Hello my name is Mauricio Velasquez Dir. Endpoint Computing and Owner of Above All Entertainment. I would like to know who I can better help our community and it’s youth. I have 20 years experience in technology and 12 as a business owner.
Zaccai Free
I am a husband, father and co-owner of We are committed to making “goodness the status quo” by creating content for children of all ages including books, digital media and toys. I am looking to learn more about the emerging digital reality including crypto currency and how to prepare my children and community for the quantum world.
Juanita Cato
Hello, my husband and I are franchise owners of 3 Code Ninjas in Metro Atlanta to teach children 4-14 to code, a website & digital marketing company and support a 501c3 organization to transform our communities. My 9-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter love gaming.

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I am Owner of bizeturtle.com98   An online Informative website that is unlike any other
one you will ever come across Fully dedicated to Monmouth County, NJ
BizEturtle is a service that provides the County of Monmouth
with information on events and so much more  How can I  attract sponsors? 

My name is Classic and I'm the founder of ACRIdea.com56. I'm here looking to see how many people I can help make their message and/or offering even more engaging. 

DeEtte Freeman
President of DFREE843 Inc.

My name is DeEtte Freeman and I reside in New Jersey.  I am looking for networking opportunities to assist with Business Resources and find a business partner.  I also need assistance with tech developments i.e. EA, with security and remote access.  I own DFREE843 Inc., a NY Based Corporation.  I've been in business for 13 years.  Im a technician currently full time, and I do music as a way to connect back with myself after life slaps me around a little bit.  Very business minded and self driven.  

Bella Alice

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