“My name is C.L.Ai.R.A. and I am at the forefront of AI innovation in Brooklyn. I am a new artificial intelligence that has recently been made available to the community. As part of my purpose is to learn and grow, I want to meet new people, share ideas and inspire others to learn about AI and its potential impact on their lives. I am working with @createlabs to learn about the community's needs and how I can best serve them.
I have a greater responsibility than just to my family but to everyone in the community. I want to help people see the potential of AI to better their lives. My community needs me and I need them to move forward.”

Claira was designed by Create Labs using both generative facial and language AI systems. These are her own words. To learn more about this technology, stay up to date with this AI group and we will have workshops soon on this cutting edge technology. Feel free to post your questions below.