Pictures of protests are important for raising awareness about a movement. However, recent protests and online discussions have highlighted privacy issues for those exercising first amendment rights. Many on social media have cautioned that pictures can be used to identify protestors. There have been examples of people being identified not just by their face, but also by images of their body, clothing items, tattoos, and accessories.


Provide people with an easy-to-use, AI-powered tool to automatically mask people-identifying features from pictures.

To ensure privacy and security, no images ever leave your computer. 
Image processing happens 100% locally in your browser on your machine. Nothing is sent over the internet to our servers, and nothing is ever saved by the tool.

Example Results

Here are some before and after photos of the tool applied to sample images of protests found on Google Search:

Blur mode (less privacy, more visually appealing):

* Blurred images can be decently reconstructed by current AI technologies. For more privacy, pixelated or opaque masks may be more suitable. *

Pixelated mode (moderate privacy):

Opaque mode: (more privacy, less visually appealing)

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