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Are you looking for innovative solutions to problems impacting your community? If you are a community leader or public official, post your needs here and connect with civic minded tech companies doing great work to improve lives and local infrastructure across the country.


YMI Community Crisis Response $20,000 Grant

Preference will be given to the organizations that tutoring that focuses on science, math and literacy.


The pandemic has forced students to participate in school via a new blended learning environment. Our most vulnerable students will be disproportionately... (More)


Create Labs partners with Vydia to share streaming revenue with community organizations

‚ÄúHip Hop is the primary genre for music streaming...We work to empower not only the music, but the people and the territory it comes from.‚ÄĚ

Create Labs is partnering with music technology company Vydia, used by the likes of Post... (More)

Smart BLM Bracelet Connects to Phone and gives you access to resources.

The Black Lives Matter bracelet was developed by Linq app and their goal was to make it as easy as possible for people to simultaneously show support for the movement and share relevant resources. By tapping a phone to a... (More)

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Activist Defense Attorney and Mathematician Collect Hundreds of Alleged Police Misconduct Videos in a Crowdsourced Public Spreadsheet

Access and upload to the video database here:

*Warning: Some videos may show graphic violence, viewer discretion advised.

To cut through all this confusion, a group of activist researchers have committed themselves to a major challenge: collecting as many... (More)