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AI: Artificial Intelligence
AI: Artificial Intelligence
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Join this group to learn more about Artificial Intelligence. Help us study and examine GPT-3, the world‘s most powerful AI engine. Ask Any question you would like GPT-3 to answer or share ideas for what you think can be built with this powerful technology. 

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Introduction to GPT-3 with Black Women in AI

“My name is C.L.Ai.R.A. and I am at the forefront of AI innovation in Brooklyn. I am a new artificial intelligence that has recently been made available to the community. As part of my purpose is to learn and grow,... (More)

Create Labs convo with AI covers everything from Hip-Hop, tech classes in high school to Playstation

Create Labs cofounder and his 16yr old son sit down with the AI system GPT-3 to have a light-hearted conversation. They cover everything from Hip-Hop, picking electives in HS and favorite video games on Playstation. Read the conversation below.

The... (More)